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Suárez Renewable Energy

Suárez Renewable Energy

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Raw materials that, once consumed, cannot be replenished through a natural process.
The rate of consumption determines the anticipated supply cycle of the resource.[/perfectpullquote]

Renewable Energy  is a division of Suárez managed by  a group of professionals with experience in disseminating and applying green energy to projects globally. From our offices in Hong Kong we have managed to consolidate and maintain to this day  a strong position in the industry not only providing consulting but also providing full turnkey solutions in the field of renewable energy utilizing new technologies that makes the transition from fossil fuels to new clean and long term cost effective solutions.

The relationships with our clients, characterized by their high degree of trust and continuity, are based on a service-oriented methodology and results, always adapting to the needs of the client interested in renewable energy.

How Can We Help

[perfectpullquote align=”right” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]The permanent exchange of experiences with our clients constitutes a solid base for the successful development of all our projects.[/perfectpullquote]

  • Development and financing of electric power projects
  • Advice on regulatory and environmental issues
  • Advice on climate change projects
  • Bidding processes, litigation specialized in administrative matters and dispute resolution
  • Advice on compliance with environmental and administrative laws and regulations by companies that participate in the energy sector
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Access to capital markets
  • Contracts with suppliers, customers and investors
  • Design of structures in renewable energy projects
  • Audit for renewable energy projects

Solar Energy -Thermal

In the vast majority of the processes that take place in an industry, the sun is of the utmost importance. We can obtain the energy we need, leaving aside harmful emissions for the environment and also reducing costs. With conventional and traditional energies we suffer infinitely higher costs, besides being doing a disservice to the environment. Renewable energies, such as Solar Thermal Energy, reduce our costs considerably. Being a renewable energy that substitutes some resources of first necessity, these expenses will be reduced drastically.

Photovoltaic Energy

Obtaining electricity through the sun is possible. Not only allows us to reduce the fixed costs of our business or those that are created in an industry but we are not emitting tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. How?
The photo-voltaic industry shows great growth and dominance of the renewable energy market. Besides being the energy that is produced the most is the most economical and low in costs. This will help our business receive less expenses in terms of obtaining energy corresponds and therefore obtain economic growth indirectly.

In addition to using it for self-consumption, we can focus it on the operation of production plants. This method of obtaining electricity has a long useful life, which would mean a true bet for the future for our business and also for the environment.


If you are thinking of using renewable energy for your home or business, you will be interested in the answer to this question.

Aerothermy is an energy from renewable sources that takes advantage of the energy contained in the air that surrounds us, and is used for different purposes. Technology that has been in operation in Europe for several decades, we have been able to carry out aerothermal installations if there is a need to install solar panels, which has reduced the economic cost of using this alternative energy.

Stationary Energy Storage

A Contribution to the Energy Turnaround

Stationary energy stores are able to compensate the fluctuation of photovoltaic systems and thus are key elements to an economic energy supply based on renewable energies. Despite the still high costs for li-ion batteries, this technology can already be profitable, especially in regions without stable power grids that currently use diesel generators for energy supply.

By careful design and appropriate adjustment, a PV-lithium-ion battery system can be operated in a cash-positive mode compared to the diesel generator. With decreasing costs of system components, “battery parity” will be achieved in Germany in analogy to the “grid parity” already reached for PV-based electricity consumption by the private customer.

Power electronics

Apart from the battery, the key component of the stationary energy storage system is an adapted power electronics unit for charging and discharging the battery within two hours only, therefore the stationary store can be applied as an interim storage system for peak load balancing.

During times of weak loads, solar energy and wind electricity are fed into the battery,  at times of peak load, the energy from the PV system and battery is fed into the grid, therefore a bidirectional DC/AC converter with 30 kW charge and discharge power will be used.

Interaction of the Entire system

The power generation of the PV-system will be completed with a wind generator that is particularly suited for weak wind regions and will complement power production by the PV-system in winter months in particular. The interaction of solar cells, wind generator, storage systems and the grid will be realized with the help of a central control unit (CCU) to reliably and precisely interfere with the multitude of operation states. Only this will ensure a good service life and performance of the li-ion batteries in the long term and, hence, economic efficiency of the complete system.

The system of the first stage will be able to cover power consumption of a medium-sized company throughout the year. In the long term, the know-how obtained will be used to develop smaller storage systems for private households as well as larger systems for industry.

Project Financing

Suárez Renewable does not only look for technical feasibility, but also financial viability. In extremely large projects we are able to offer linear financing, we have the real possibility of obtaining the investment needed with a fair return for client and investor and with acceptance criteria more open than traditional financing.

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Solar Energy

Solar Energy

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Wind Technology