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Suárez&Co is led by a multicultural team of professionals from all around the world. We seriously believe that cultural diversity is the boost to creativity and innovation. In a world which no longer has barriers , where the ability to innovate is now recognized as the main competitive edge found by experience that a diverse team will result in long-term profitability.

As we are present in different regions Suárez&Co had the opportunity to meet professionals with unique experience and knowledge of every individual market .

Carlo A Suàrez
Carlo A Suàrez Founder - Chief Executive Officer
Paulina Suàrez
Paulina Suàrez Chief Financial Officer - Suàrez&Co. Global
Ethan Jared Suàrez
Ethan Jared Suàrez Business Intelligence Manager - Suàrez&Co. Global
Claire Artiza
Claire Artiza Director HRM - Suàrez&Co. Global
Christian Parra
Christian Parra Senior Director Operations Renewable Energy - Suàrez&Co. Global
Jeffrey Amarado
Jeffrey Amarado Digital Marketing Manager - Suàrez&Co. Global
Mark Muñoz
Mark Muñoz VP Investments & Acquisitions - Suàrez&Co. Americas
Mohi Attia
Mohi Attia Business Development Manager - Suàrez&Co. MEA
Sot Savorn
Sot Savorn Managing DIrector - Suàrez&Co. Asia Pacific
Chamnan Pon
Chamnan Pon Business Relations & Cooperation Manager - Suàrez&Co. Cambodia