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Financial Services

In the financial arena with years of experience Suárez&Co. understands the importance of having good financial health to achieve the survival, sustainability and permanence of companies in the market, providing peace of mind that shareholders, employees, creditors and finally their families deserve. Through the years and around the world, Suárez experience in multiple industries have allowed us to acquire clients in different areas of the world becoming their line of support in many key areas of their corporate structure, one of these areas is their financial operations. Suárez in partnership with International Accounting and Auditing firm Hemphill Wright & Associates provide today  the best financial products and services that meet our clients immediate needs.

Our goal here is simply to provide fresh ideas and the right tools,
by doing so we can  assist clients to build a strong and professional relationship with analysts and investors.

Auditing & Financial Advice : An effective and visionary internal audit function gives leaders confidence that their organizations can meet the demands of changing environments. Managing risk, monitoring controls, increasing security and improving corporate governance are essential internal audit responsibilities. Organizations are increasingly taking advantage of internal auditing as a strategic resource, recognizing that the broad and deep perspective of internal auditors of operations, risks and potential opportunities can help make informed business decisions.

Suárez  Internal Audit and Financial Advisory consultants work with executives, management and audit committees of companies of virtually any size, whether public or private, to assist in their internal audit activities. The foregoing may include beginning and managing the activity for them in a completely outsourced manner or working with an existing internal audit function to complement their team when they do not have adequate staff or skills. Suárez helps directors and finance executives strengthen their financial functions and manage complex accounting situations, including non-routine cases, as is the case with financial re-expressions. In addition, Suárez’s Internal Audit and Financial Advisory team helps clients assess their fraud risks and implement solutions to better manage these risks and lead investigations of financial irregularities.

Financial Restructuring: We can support and advise clients on shareholder value maximization working with them side by side. We have a unique way to perceive and analyze projects in order to raise capital for expansion, get a large business loans or how to get a bank loan to start a business. We work with clients to create the best corporate financial strategies and project analysis which will be used to allocate the financial resources needed.

Suárez  provides clients with  the best options in the financial aspect of their business, keeping financial resources in a nice and steady flow and  making sure their investments are safe. We make sure that clients get the best deal possible and gain value in the aftermath of said investment.

Helping your company with funding and shareholder value, keeping your funds safe and secure, decisions of investment, divestment, debt taking, profit sharing, buying or selling companies, maintaining or closing business lines, among others, become transcendental when designing viable structures, seeking as a primary objective to locate in an upper echelon the economic situation of the company.  We walk with you every step of the way, helping you to resolve problems before it escalates and your company takes a heavy toll. We are reliable when you need us. With our help, you can breathe easier knowing we are there with you throughout all financial risk taking moments of the company.

Risk Management : Very often risk is a thought after establishing a strategy and risk management is an appendix to performance management. Recent events have reminded management and directors that a comprehensive view of their risks is no longer a luxury, but is a requirement, so that they can provide the appropriate incentives and controls to offset the potential for individuals to rule out risks. They are significant for your organizations.

Suárez Financial Services (SFS) professionals partner with management to ensure that risk is properly considered in the process of establishing the strategy and that it is integrated with performance management. We work with societies to design, implement and maintain efficient capabilities to manage their most critical risks and address cultural issues and other organizational issues that may compromise those capabilities. We help them evaluate technological solutions for monitoring and presentation of information and implement new processes successfully over time.


Tax Preparation & Services 

  • Analysis of the impact of taxes on local operations
  • Tax analysis of business reorganizations, debt restructuring and investment projects
  • Analysis and implementation assistance promotional regimes
  • Advice on issues related to national, provincial and municipal taxes