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CRM – Customer Relationship Management

At Suarez&Co, we understand the importance of having a good relationship with customers. Being honest and reliable keeps our customers loyalty, truth is that the trick isn’t to building  the relationship but to keep relationship with our customer, its keep that relationship strong.

It is clear that service can be used to differentiate a company from its competitors, yet we know that there are not many companies that are recognized as giving good service. Lets take Woolworth’s as an example: Woolworth’s Holdings Limited is a South African retail chain and one of the largest in South Africa, modeled from Marks & Spencer UK. Woolworth’s enjoys the rewards of premium pricing because it has certainly managed to differentiate itself in terms of products and service quality. However even Woolworth’s went through a difficult time when it had to refocus all its efforts in terms of strategic direction of its services and quality to maintain its performance in a competitive market place. The point made above proves that even though a company knows what they want to achieve in terms of service and quality, achieving those objectives is clearly more difficult that it seems, as evidenced by the few companies that can really be considered as giving excellent service. Suarez&Co believes and works with its clients to help them achieve the best customer service experience, focusing in two key compliments that are needed and indispensable between a company and its customers.

Relations and Customer Loyalty

Many companies fail to recognize the importance of keeping customers loyal. It it harder than it sounds and only a few actually achieve it. The big question is, how customer loyalty would convert to profitability? . Research shows that keeping an existing customer will cost a company 10% of the cost of enticing a new one. It makes total financial sense to immediately implement a customer retention strategy, if you still don’t have one, because in the end keeping a customer loyal actually cuts your cost.

Service Quality

Is an achievement in customer service. It is reflected in each service encounter with a customer. In general customers always have service expectations from past experiences, customers will usually compare the expected service with a past service experience. If the current experience will fall short of the latter, the customers will surely be disappointed.

Regardless of the size of your business , Customer Service Training should never be taken for granted. Some companies understand this and take it a step further. They don’t only use it as a consumer practice but as an integral part of their day to day operations

The importance of CRM

Making sure that the customers rights as a consumer are protected and are being honored is the main principle of Customer Service Management.

Rigorously keeping track of the permanent exchange of value for money for the consumers and organizations, as well as appraising the need for any service improvement is required in the Management of Customer Service. By having the right Customer Service strategy in place, an organization will ensure a longer and loyal relationship with their customer and at the same time achieve their goals. Suarez&Co endeavors to help its clients build the best Customer Service platform customized to suit their needs. We provide training that will transform your employees into the company’s best assets.

The importance of Customer Service

Regardless of the size of your business , Customer Service Training should never be taken for granted. Some companies understand this and take it a step further. They don’t only use it as a consumer practice but as an integral part of their day to day operations. When the sales teams and service teams treat one another with respect, the same harmony that will exist in the company’s environment will be transferred to the customer, building that long term client relationship. Assuming all other aspects of companies being equal, a customer will surely choose one that cares for them and provides them with their needs instead of one that does not.

Why Choose Suarez as your CRM Training Partner

With a large amount of Customer Service training companies throughout Asia to choose from and all of them going after your business, there are several reasons why we should become your training partner of choice:

  1. We provide quality training with within a very reasonable budget.
  2. Our consultants have the experience and long background needed in the Customer Service industry.
  3. Our expertise helps us to quickly pick up issues and avoid potential problems providing the client with the best personalized solution .
  4. We take time to understand your business and real needs.
  5. We work very close with clients with a long term relationship in mind.
  6. We have customized training programs for employees and management, as well as creative training methodologies.

Suarez&Co commits itself to deliver all the training the client needs in the most professional and relaxing environment, allowing the participants to achieve the skills and confidence needed.