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Commodities Trading

Suárez Minerals Division

The Suárez minerals division is focused on procuring Non-ferrous, Ferrous, Precious and minor metals such as Lithium from across the globe. The division within the company is fairly new and was set up post studying the global markets. The division has experts in this field who have in their proper positions within the market closed and traded deals worth 500 Million USD to 1 Billion USD.

The team currently comes with a cumulative experience of 10 years + across the global markets. Be it Bullion or Ore Bars in Gold, cathodes in copper or lithium off take agreements, this team has the capability and experience to execute them all.

Our sourcing partners come with over 50+ cumulative years of global procurement and give the clients an edge in their business by bringing in a discount which gives them the extra punch.

How do we source and why we are unique in our methods?

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Our Bullion Division

Suarez Bullion division deals with the top global refineries in procuring bullion. We do kilo bars and 5 kilo bars. Our sources are certified by LBMA and produce 999.9% purity gold.

Our bars offer our customers an economical way of investing in precious metals and owning gold. Our 999.9 gold bars range from 1Kilo gram to 5 Kilo grams in weight and bear the LBMA certified logo. Our gold bars are protected in secure serialized packaging and are printed with a unique serial number that matches the one imprinted on the gold bullion bar to act as a certificate of authenticity and quality.