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About Suarez&Co.

About Suárez

Suárez&Co. is a  corporate group established in Hong Kong in 2007.  Since then it has diversified into multiple industries. Suárez manages assets corresponding to its participation in leading companies in the sectors of Media, Renewable Energy, Technology , Consulting and  Fast Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG. In 2017, Suárez executed contracts which generated the necessary licenses to operate in areas such as financial and management control with companies ranging from commodity trading to media and technology in countries such as: Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand  and The Kingdom of Bahrain

Today, Suárez has 70% ownership in subsidiaries such as Suárez Edibles | FMCG, Suárez Media, Suárez Energy, Renewables, Suárez Technology  and Suárez Consulting, the remaining percentage is held by minority shareholders. Grupo Suárez generates value based on the excellence of its investment management. Maintaining control over the management of companies, directly or through strategic alliances, is one of the essential conditions for the execution of its corporate strategy.  In the last 3 years, the company has proven its ability to generate value, with profits for its shareholders.


Suárez’s  Vision

Suárez&Co  moves forward with only one goal in mind, work for progress and discover new opportunities that create value for our companies and shareholders. We apply correctness and professionalism in every single transaction we do, generating immediate results with long-term profits.  We envision a future of Economic, Social and Environmental growth not only for the firm but also for regions where we are present and the people who works and lives in them.