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Suárez Technology 4.0

Suárez Technology 4.0

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Digital and technological solutions with the aim of increasing productivity and simplifying administration.[/perfectpullquote]

A  division of Suárez&Co., the company created digital and technological solutions with the aim of increasing productivity, simplifying administration through the reduction of operational costs.  We focus in the design and implementation of developed technological systems that allow the creation of goods and services which facilitate the adoption of the new digital environment, covering both the essential requirements of your company .

Some of the key areas Suárez Tecnologías focuses are  but not limited to:

  • Satellite Telecommunications Solutions
  • Digital Content Platform Development
  • Digital Connected TV Platforms Implementation
  • Connected Devices Development
  • Internet Connected STB’s Manufacturing
  • Streaming Platforms Implementation
  • Social Networks Video Streaming Solutions and Application for Mobile Devices

Over-the-top Media Services

Services that distribute content over internet over the Internet have expanded to a visible extent that many of the existent technology such as traditional TV have been replaced by content in the web. According to statistic approximately 72% of internet users usually benefit from OTT services such as YouTube & Netflix.

According to an studio made by consulting it is expected that in the year 2020 the services over OTT platforms will generate revenues close to 3 million dollars only in Latin America.

Adobe Digital Index has reported that the distribution of LIVE TV based on servision OTT has suffered an annual increase of 282%. These symbols make us think that we are in the middle of the distribution of contents that are completely transported over the internet. Therefore, the field of applications is very large.

Suarez Tecnologías has been working with multiple clients in the development of OTT platforms for the Asia Pacific Region and Latin America our latest project an new portal that will be that will be running on the PCCW OTT platform

Enterprise Smart Apps

The development of smart mobile applications is the process of creating software that resides in your  mobile device and is use as a resource for communicating with business units and sharing data. But many enterprise users haven’t considered how apps can use existing native mobile device features to improve operational efficiency. Suarez Tecnologias  develops SmartApps to make it easier for the staff to always be connected to the technological infrastructure of the company, whether it is for consulting databases, accessing intranet or information in company’s servers. Merging in to a digital infrastructure not only happens in side the office but most importantly  with the customers . In Asia, Europe and the Americas companies have started to rely more on chat-bots and artificial intelligence (AI) to connect with users and to improve customer experiences.

HCM  Departments are also entering into the digital age,  in large companies digitalization has been injected into the main nerve of  every company . Employees now are using bio-metrics to record their assistance. Employees agree that the old  process for completing time-sheets, expense reports and time off approvals provided terrible experiences .

Digital transformation in organization are to make processes more efficient and innovative while helping employees “work smarter.” Many companies are immediately adopting the digital changes and the ones that don’t see themselves ready  have started to consider enterprise mobile app development platforms that can provide them with data they need to make informative decisions and improve existing workflows.

Digital Transformation Suárez 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the digital transformation of industrial markets with intelligent manufacturing currently at the forefront. Industry 4.0 represents the so-called fourth industrial revolution in discrete and process manufacturing, logistics and the supply chain , the chemical industry, (Energy 4.0, transport, public services, oil and gas. gas, mining and metals and other segments. Including resources from industries, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and even smart cities.

With the digital transformation and the incorporation of emerging technologies as a solution to new business models, there are immediate implementations that must take place in a company to avoid  risks and vulnerabilities which are generated as a result of outdated technologies.

Suárez’s  4.0 Division  is been working for the last couple of years developing adequate control light structures, that will not at any  time hinder the agility required within the response and management for the client’s business. We have been Developing  4.0 solution for SMART Factories – SMART Offices – SMART Logistics .

Starting 2018 , Suárez developed and  4.0 Manufacturing Partner Program in China and Mexico.  This factories have been developing SMART & IoT solutions for different industries under supervision of a dedicated team of engineers in multiple technologies.

Digital Transformation  is not a luxury but a need.  It will allow companies to predict events and anticipate the competition.  Suárez’s  4.0 Division  started developing digital and technological solutions which  add value to the client’s company and will allows them to differentiate from the competition.  Let’s keep in mind that we are now in to a transition to the IoT future. Authorities, have already started to legislate on digitalization. Guidelines to promote digital leap, a transformation that improves the management and efficiency of companies and institutions  are being now explored and consulting firms such as Suárez Global are working with local authorities to set standards . The European Union has set the Europe 2020 objectives to consolidate an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive economy, which will help the EU and its member states generate high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion. Asia Pacific  is following the the same steps. 2020 will be deciding year on which companies move forwards or stay behind.

Suárez 4.0 follows  a strict process for  digital transformation in an integral way, not only deploying the technical capacities and required solutions, but also supporting the transformation of the strategic structures, processes and control mechanisms required to establish an adequate flow of technology incorporation.   We follow three key   phases of action, depending on the depth at which the digitization of an entity has arrived. Acting focused on mobile devices, and therefore on mobility solutions, being interconnected and knowing how to take advantage of the advantages offered by technological innovations, are some of the main factors that can help tackle the digitalization of the company.

Strict Digital Transformation Process Flow

  • Awareness  –   Initial Research & Evaluation of Systems and company’s Targets:   The first phase is to know and understand where the markets are going and the possibilities they offer to add value to society. Evolution and technological innovation are constant and the adaptation of society to these changes generate new needs. Internet, and specifically broadband, has caused a social and economic revolution, creating an interconnected society that gives way to new business models.
  • Innovation :This second phase refers to the implementation of actions, the development of technologies and solutions that encourage digital transformation. After a first stage of awareness of the socioeconomic changes and the advantages offered by the internet to the markets, we reach this second level, in which services such as those offered by Suarez take center stage. Companies specialized in the development of technological solutions for entities and administrations play a fundamental role in this stage of digital transformation. Its solutions allow to anticipate the needs of society, offering effective tools that improve the management and administration of resources.
  • Implementation:The third  phase and the most important one is training of the human team in the digital processes and promotion of new business models .  After a first phase of awareness, and a second stage of technological innovation and development of solutions, it is time to put digital processes into practice and adapt companies to market changes. Connecting people, processes, objects and data of the entity is the final factor for the achievement of digital transformation. The human team must be familiar with the technology and above all have an attitude prone to changes. They must adapt the new technological solutions and adopt the changes of the market for their work. It will be necessary to carry out evaluations to check if you have the right employees, what is needed by a digitized 21st century company. If the answer is negative, it will be necessary to train them. Digitization can not be consolidated without the training of the people who must carry it out.


Some Implemented Projects


  1. Project: Micro Suite  |   Location : Mexico |  Description: Digital Transformation of Operations, Billing, Purchases, Fixed Assets, Inventories and Financial Reports through graphs and printed reports.
  2. Project: Smart Logger System  | Location: USA | Description: Integral system that manages the information of real-time sensors installed in the oil wells of Pemex.  This system manages millions data on a monthly basis . It gives Pemex immediate remote access to an new digitized data and is use for higher management, enabling them to take key decisions in the spare of a moment . This System is used today in different regions and countries such as Mexico, the United States, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru. This project is a new state of the art digital platform that allow Pemex a easy transition on to the digital age and is  constantly growing due to the various options it contains to be implemented in different business areas. We have built different versions for the entire Operations running as a mobile application on phone and tablets .
  3. Project: EMAN Software  | Location : Mexico |   Description: It is a web-based system for the execution of preventive maintenance, monitoring of them and internal evaluation for improvement. It is implemented in companies with internal maintenance areas and has allowed the optimization of resources of the same ones and managed to increase the lifetime of the fixed assets.