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Organic Coconut and its Derivatives Export

Suárez Global has agreements with two of the largest supermarket chains in Europe and hotels in the Middle East to deliver coconut related products to different regions worldwide.

The main exported product is unprocessed copra, followed by desiccated coconut, Virgin Organic Coconut Oil while the most interesting market for coconut is bottled water in MEA , Europe and North America, which is already a very popular drink with growing demand.

Among the main destinations are China, Malaysia, the United States, Europe, Singapore and Pakistan, which account for 70% of world demand.

Although the largest coconut production extends to Indonesia -principal world producer-, the Philippines, and Thailand, countries where Suárez has presence have been the main source for the product . Suárez key product to be exported out of Thailand are Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Process Organic Coconut Water .

The international commercialization of coconut and its derivatives requires compliance with the provisions of the International Code of Good Hygiene Practices for Desiccated Coconut and the Codex Standard for Aqueous Coconut Products, such as milk and coconut cream.

  • 21% - China
  • 18% - United States
  • 15% - Europe
  • 9% - SIngapore
  • 7% - Pakistan
  • 30% - Others

Global market for coconut  bottled water as of second quarter of 2018

Media – Content Right Management

Suárez&Co Thailand is looking to take THAI LANGUAGE Television to the Americas and the Caribbean.
Through Partnerships with a Media Conglomerate in Company in Mexico and the Caribbean , Suárez has been negotiating with Media Networks in the Americas and other countries to broadcast Thailand Television content throughout the Americas

Private Label Organic Products

Organic products tend to be more expensive than conventional products, however, the market interested in this type of product grows 15 percent annually in the Middle East and even ina faster rate in Europe , as there is a growing trend in demand by households that also generates the entrance of others competitors. Suárez Organicos Thailand a firm that exports private label and dry fresh organic products and groceries anticipates this year a 30 percent increase in sales, as well as start its export plan to Bahrain, Dubai and Europe of bulk products such as dehydrated fruits and vegetables.