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Marketing Strategy

In recent years technology has advanced unprecedented, this has also caused major changes in the way companies market their products and has opened a range of opportunities and new and innovative ways to do marketing.

Looking back five years ago, it can be said that at that time the philosophy of Marketing consisted basically of a product and a consumer. The companies were only dedicated to investigate the needs of the consumer and based on this a product was developed to offer it to the consumer through the four P’s (Price, Product, Promotion, Place). Currently the consumer is not limited to buying products, prices or promotion, but mainly is buying a concept.

Digital transformation has affected to the customer acquisition strategies companies have been using for a long time. Generating new business opportunities is one of the most complicated and risky activities in a company. The investment to create opportunities of expansion in new markets, or territories is also high and not all companies do their strategies the same way some don’t have strategies at all . In the latter case it is a greater risk. To be more clear , it is important to have the vision of continuous search for new business. It is an investment and results are not obtained in the short term, but it is beneficial in the medium term.

Suarez provides our clients with the necessary steps to follow to get new clients. The decision to grow with new clients must be structured in a general strategy of the company itself, along with other actions that affect the viability and business growth.

We assist client with important points such as:

  • Design of the strategy Definition of markets / territories
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Prospecting and &Qualification
  • Development of an action plan for the client

Our team of consultants combine their analytic and communication skills with product marketing techniques which allow us to understand better the needs of our clients and help them to improve their product development process, market research, pricing, promotion and distribution.

  • Product Marketing
  • Product Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Corporate Restructuring

Conducting some research on the market reaction to your products and services can provide valuable guidance:

  • Which products do customers see as offering the best value?
  • Which products are likely to be the most successful?
  • What do customers expect to pay for your product or service?
  • Is there an established market price for similar products or services?
  • Buyers’ risk can be one of the most important factors in getting a higher price.

Would you feel confident buying a cheap parachute? What risks might a buyer see in your product? What might happen if something goes wrong with the product?

Once identified, check if you can take steps to reduce or reverse the risks so you can charge a higher price, for example, by offering a better guarantee than your competitors.

To some degree, the price of your product will depend on the competition:

  • Who are your competitors and what do they offer?
  • What are the key features and benefits of their products?
  • How does your product or service compare?
  • Do your products have a clear point of difference or competitive advantage over competitors?

If you’re able to offer more, such as better quality, more features, a better guarantee or free installation, you can afford to charge a higher price.

Suárez’s Business Management team work as independent consultants or as temporary members of the client’s team, offering their business the benefit of objective advice backed by experience of delivering successful results for other organizations in a variety of market sectors such as Product and Services Development, Product and Service Strategy, Products and Service Marketing, Operational Effectiveness , Corporate Restructuring , Pricing Strategy and Sales.Suárez consultancy team advise and assist companies to improve performance through improvements of products, services or marketing strategies helping the client to its grow revenues, increase market share, launch new products and enter new markets.

In light of the rapid environmental changes, restructuring is one of the best available strategies for companies to create maximum value for the stakeholders.

Suárez consultancy team concentrates in assisting it’s clients on the best strategies for marketing the client’s new and existing products. Suárez reviews with the client factors, such as product pricing, distribution strategy, communications and packaging, and recommend strategies for product launches, new‐market entry or increasing share in existing markets.

Increase profitability by improving productivity. This approach is referred to as ‘numerator-focused’ management. Management can then increase productivity by maximizing the components of the numerator, and minimizing the components of the denominator.

  • Digital Marketing Plan and Design
  • Digital Campaign Plan and Design
  • Digital Content Production
  • Enterprise Campaign Management
  • Campaign Implementation
  • Campaign Operations
  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Marketing Optimization and Insights
  • Digital Customer Experience Design
  • User Centered Analysis
  • User Centered Design
  • Digital Customer Experience Delivery
  • UI Development
  • Digital Platform Implementation
  • Channel Analytics

Suárez Strategic consultants participate in initial meetings with the client’s management team to establish the requirements of the project, prepare a proposal, and carry out research, analysis and assessment of growth scenarios and options. The independent perspective as a strategy consultant and the detailed recommendations in the report enable a management team to make more informed decisions.

Suárez works close to the client’s team to analyze the performance of their existing products in the marketplace, comparing specification, pricing and market share with competitors, at the same time we assist the client to identify opportunities for new products or changes to existing products carrying out a detailed market research. Our consultants role is to assist clients in the development and management of product portfolio strategy, leading short and long range planning for the business, and optimizing operational execution within development, production, and commercialization arenas.

When you’re starting a business, pricing can be a tricky issue. The prices you charge for your products or services can have a dramatic effect on sales and profits. Your pricing strategy also determines how customers view and respond to your product or service. Pricing can also mean the difference between success and trading at a loss. You should consider the market and your competitors before you develop your pricing strategy