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Accusol Energy Storage BESS®50

What is BESS®

BESS is a system based on Lithium Ion cells specially developed for stationary applications .

The world’s best cell quality ensures calendar lifetime for more than 10 years and more than 4000 full Cycle at 100% depth of discharge . All Cells and components have been thoroughly tested By Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany’s’ most prominent research institute. All components , cells , inverters, battery management systems as placed in a 10ft or 20 ft specially designed, fully air conditioned and fire protected .

BESS® is controlled by a specially designed system control unit to ensure technical secure and economical efficient operation . The system setup follows DIN-VDE 0100-410 regulation while the total system efficiency reach more than 85% . Depending in the Size each contained can host the capacity of 50 to 1000 kWh. Bess is a modular system and can be scared to a capacity of more than 3000 LWh at peak power up to 1000 kW .

Tailor made solution are being provide for clients in Europe and now in Asia Pacific which allows autonomous energy generation.

BESS® technology enables the balance fluctuating renewable energy production and energy consumption .

Electricity produced by the photovoltaic modules either supplied directly to the grid or stored in the battery system . During peak time or at night the battery system supplies through the DC/AC inverters in to the grid. BESS® technology operates in DC coupling and AC coupling. Existing PV- systems can always be upgraded to BESS® by AC coupling while new system will be set up in DC or AC coupling.

Our goal is to fully manage all aspects of an industrial Solar projects in Asia Pacific  from system design, feasibility studies, calculating operating performance parameters, energy and emissions savings, network approval, structural, solar and electrical engineering, procurement, construction, project management, commissioning, ongoing performance monitoring and reporting and preventative maintenance programs